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Sitemap | 18/04/2014

Buying and selling information - how we work

Sellers' Information

Sellers know that a sale to an end-user usually achieves a better price than the trade-in value against new equipment. The problem is, to find this end user, you have to advertise the machine and divulge your identity and this produces dozens of time wasting calls from brokers and browsers looking only for bargains. solves this problem. Your surplus equipment is listed and promoted at no cost or obligation. MachineOffers eliminate the timewasters. MachineOffers' advanced web facilities attracts highly targeted quality enquiries and the seller's identity is only divulged to qualified and motivated buyer prospects.

If a seller would like to be represented on a sole agency basis they should contact Autex for information.

"Pay to advertise" services will often be filled with broker/dealer listings of machines that don't exist or that they have never seen, with the usual broker profits built into the prices, often 2 and 3 deep.

Click here to log on and list your surplus machine

Buyers' Information

We respect the need for buyers to accumulate information to make informed purchase decisions and we work with buyers giving them information from our database to make informed decisions without wasting sellers' time on false pretences. When qualified buyers know what they are looking for, there is no quicker way to the target than If the target is not already listed, we work with them to find it. only sell machines and connections and not do not sell advertising or listings. does not open its service to just anyone wanting to list machinery for sale but only to owners, users and chosen dealers we know and trust and who actually own or have a contract to sell. Listings that do not fall within these criteria will be automatically removed.

Buyers have the choice of buying "as is ex site" or of having Autex Graphic Machinery (see About Us) provide dealer value-added services if they are more comfortable with that option. If the latter option is chosen, Autex will quote a price inclusive of the value added services and the equipment.

If you have not found the machine you require in this website, click here to log in and tell us and our users your requirements (they will be listed on our 'Machines Wanted' page). Alternatively call us on +44 (0)1273 814455 and we will enter the details for you.

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